Interpretation & Translation

36 Different Languages

Why use a professional language interpretation and translation service?

Working with a professional interpreter/translator brings big benefits, especially in industries sensitive to liability issues.


  • Assures effective communication between patients and providers.
  • Prevents negative results caused by working with unqualified interpreters.
  • Reduces liability due to incompetent interpreting.
  • Helps providers to gain the trust and respect of their LEP patients.


  • Ensures rapport between legal providers and their clients.
  • Minimizes confusion and misunderstandings.


If your company has a large number of limited English speaking employees, Language Source can help to ensure all employees understand company policies, procedures and benefits. 

Our Primary Services


We provide medical interpreters for major healthcare facilities in Southeast Wisconsin. We understand you can’t predict every patient encounter, but we’re ready for scheduling changes and have years of experience immersed in the healthcare industry.

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Language Source also provides document translation services. Our staff of professional language translators work with you to translate, edit and proof your documents.

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Professional, Reliable Foreign Language Interpreters

Language Source is a leading provider of foreign language interpretation and translation services. Our professional, experienced foreign language interpreters have demonstrated expertise in translating and interpreting 36 language pairs. We will help you communicate in an effective and sensitive manner with your Limited English Proficiency patients and clients.


The only national program for community interpreting presented by licensed trainers across the U.S.

​If you want to become a community interpreter, come and attend the most respected program for community interpreting in the U.S. Whether you are a bilingual employee, a contract interpreter or someone starting out, you need a training certificate to interpret. A 40-hour training certificate is now the minimum requirement in the field.

By working with Language Source, you’ll receive efficient, effective interpreting in order to…

  • Establish a clear line of communication
  • Foster patient empowerment
  • Create fair and equal access for Limited English Proficient persons as mandated by federal civil rights legislation.

You can rely on  Language Source to work with you to meet your foreign language interpreting needs.

Language Source has been a leader in the national initiative to require certification for medical interpreters. Currently, there are two entities that test and certify interpreters specifically for the medical field.

Our interpreters are actively pursuing certification or are already certified.
Language Source offers a 40-hour training programfor current and prospective interpreters that fulfills the training requirement to take the national certification test.

We have made and will continue to make the financial and time commitment to support and encourage full certification.

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We Are Hiring!

We’d like to hear from you about your language interpretation and translation needs. Or are you a certified medical interpreter? We welcome resumes from prospective interpreters and translators. You may submit your resume by either using the form below or emailing.